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  • High Visibility Polo Shirts Singlets And Tees
    Day use hi vis polo shirts Long sleeve and short sleeve hi vis polo shirts suitable for day use. Brands include Visitec, AIW and JB's. Quick drying easy care micromesh make these a great option for your workers.
  • Cotton polo shirts
    Cotton hi vis polo shirts Hi vis polos made from 100% cotton, cotton is static neutral and is often used for electrical work. Mesh vented under arms aid cooling and reflective tape options are suitable for day and night use.
  • Polo shirt tape
    Refective tape polo shirts Hi vis polo shirts suitable for day and night use. Long sleeve and short sleeve options. New segmented tape also available.
  • Cat safety pants
    Reflective tape work pantsSuitable for night use when worn with a night use top. Available in lightweight cotton, cargo style and traditional style. Available on denim jeans as well as cotton drill pants. Manufacturers include DNC, Stubbies, AIW, and CAT.
  • AIW Shirt
    Lightweight cotton shirts Designed for use in the heat with light weight cotton and vents to aid cooling. Both day and day / night options exist in these styles. Manufacturers include Yakka, Jonnson, AIW & Stubbies.
  • Safety Shirts
    Day night hi vis cotton shirtsHi vis cotton drill shirts with reflective tape. Regular weight and Lightweight, Night only (non hi vis colours) and Day / Night hi vis shirts. Manufacturers include Prime Mover, Jonnson, Stubbies & Yakka.
  • Safety Vests
    Hi Vis Safety Vests Day Use Safety Vests, Safety Vests with Reflective Tape, Vic Roads Safety Vests, Railway Safety Vests, Cotton Safety Vests, flame retardent safety vests, anti static safety vests,and proban safety vests, all of which can be branded with a logo
  • Day use shirts
    Day use cotton work shirts Hi vis cotton drill work shirts for day time usage
  • Yakka Fluro Tops
    Hi Vis OverallsThis section includes Hi Vis Cotton Drill Overalls Day Use Overalls, Day and Night Use Overalls RTA white Painters Overalls with reflective tape, HI Vis Action Back Overalls, Yellow Overalls,and Orange Overalls. Brands include Yakka, DNC & Stubbies
  • vented polo shirt
    Breathable hi vis polo shirts High vis polos designed for work in the heat with mesh vents to aid cooling
  • High Visibility Ladies Workwear
    High Visibility Womens WorkwearThis section includes High Visibility Clothing specifically designed for Women. Sizes are Ladies sizes ie 8, 10, 12 ..to 22, 24... Ladies Hi Vis Polo Shirts and Womens Hi Vis Cotton Shirts feature in this section by manufacturers including Hard Yakka, AIW and DNC
  • Hi Vis Tee
    Hi Vis Singlets and Hi Vis Tee Shirts. Including hi visibility singlets for both Men and Women and all cotton hi vis tee shirts.
  • 3 in 1 jacket
    Hi Vis Jackets Hi Vis Flying Jackets, 3 in 1 Jackets with removable vests, Waterproof Hi Vis Jackets, Breathable Waterproof Jackets. Brands include XAX, Huski, Rainbird, Yakka Jackets, Master Jackets, and JbWork Jackets
  • Bluey Jackets
    High Vis Bluey Jackets. Bluey jackets are wool rich, styles include Junior Blueys, and 3/4 length blueys in day and day/night options. Brands include AIW, Huski and Agmer Bluey Jackets.
  • Hi Vis polar fleece>
    Hi Vis Polar FleecesHalf zip and full zip polar fleece tops, vests and jackets. Polar fleece has a textured finish which is not suitable for screenprinting.
  • Hi Vis Cotton Windcheaters
    Hi Vis Cotton WindcheatersHalf zip and v neck 100% cotton windcheaters in day use and day night use with relfective tape. Cotton windcheaters are suited to environements where static neutral clothing is required e.g electrical work.
  • High Visibility Polar Fleece Tops
    Hi Vis HoodiesFull zip and over the head designs from brands such as Yakka, Jbs and AIW
  • Hi Vis Windcheater
    Hi Vis Windcheaters Crew neck, half zip and v-neck hi vis windcheaters. Unlike polar fleece, windcheaters have a smoother finish and are suitable for screenprinting.
  • High Visibility Caps Hats And Beanies
    Rail Orange Clothing In this section we feature all the workwear that is suitable for use when working on or near railways.
  • Hi Vis Beanies
    Hi Vis Caps Beanies and Sun Hats This section includes Hi Vis Fleece Beanies, Hi Vis Cricketer Hats, Hi Vis legoinaires hats and Hi Vis Baseball Caps all of which can be embroidered with your logo.

  • Please Note:- Hi Vis colours are difficult to photograph, where we rely on suppliers photos colours may vary. For the purpose of this web site we standardise colours. Yellow/Navy means Hi VisYellow and Navy Trim / Panel (Yellow also = Lime or that flourescent green colour). Yellow/Black is available as a colour choice, howvever on some polo shirts the Navy looks Black. Please check the descriptions for details of colours.